Glam Home Office Ideas to Get Those Creative Juices Flowing


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Do you want to build a glamorous office at home but need some inspiration? That’s where we come in. In this article, we are going to cover all the bases when it comes to customized workspaces.

We will be discussing everything from interior design and room décor to the best places for a home office. Finally, we will take a look at some of the furniture that is a must-have for any productive workspace.

Glam Home Office Ideas 2023

First things first, before selecting a space in your house for a home office and purchasing furniture, you need to decide on the theme for your individual workspace. After all, the best thing about having an in-house office is that you can design it to match your personality and create an atmosphere in which you can be your most productive and creative self.

Here are some interior design themes for a contemporary home office:

Chic and Professional

glamorous office at home
Chic and Professional: Glam home office ideas

If you are one of those people who need a proper office environment to be productive at home, then creating a professional workspace is what you need. To mimic an authentic office experience, make sure you select a well-lit space with enough room for a desk and chair. You should also consider adding a whiteboard, like a magnetic glass whiteboard for sudden brainstorming sessions.

A chic and professional home office should also be decorated in a monochrome color scheme. You can choose light colors such as warm neutral beige tones or cool greys.

You can also go to the opposite end of the monochrome color spectrum and, for example,  create a room with deep blue walls with furniture in varying shades of blue. Choose a table and cabinets with crisp white paint to add some brightness to the room.

The Minimalist Touch

Glam Home Office Ideas
glamorous office at home 2023

Going the minimalist route is also a great way to create a modern home office. The color theme ideally should be all-white with a few pops of color here and there to add life to the room. This theme will work best in a room with lots of natural light. Make sure to add some office plants such as small potted cacti or succulents to brighten up the space.

You can also add a throw pillow in a bright color like fuchsia or orange to add a much-needed burst of color. Not to mention a set of post-its in the colors of the rainbow to write down any bright ideas! 

Also make sure to select a long, sleek desk that can hold your computer and a work stool. You can also add a couple of shelves on the wall to hold your books and files as well as essential stationery.

Warm and Cozy

If you are a dreamer who needs a workspace that not only helps you get work done but also provides a space for contemplation and serious thought, opting for a warm and cozy vibe is the way to go.

Select a room that looks out onto a lawn or a group of trees to really help you disconnect from the world and get some peace and quiet. You can also opt for a room with warm-toned walls in shades of caramel brown with deep velvety curtains and an artificial fireplace to add to the overall cozy and warm theme.

For furniture, you can go for a big mahogany desk and armchair and a wall-to-wall bookcase to house all your books. Throw in a large sofa set and coffee table that is ideal for relaxing and reading in between naps. Who knows the next big idea might come to you on one of those power naps. This is the perfect home office theme for writers and researchers!

Bright and Funky

A woman working at a glamorous standing desk in her home office.
A woman working at a glamorous standing desk in her home office.

A home office can also be a space for creativity and innovation. If you need a space that inspires you why not create your own glam home office that lights up your artistic side? There are no design rules when the theme is bright and funky – literally anything goes.

You can decorate the room to your own liking but we recommend including a few key items such as a large work desk with multiple storage drawers to house your office supplies and materials like fabric prints, threads, drawing supplies, and paint to name a few items. You can also set up an easel and canvas to paint or sketch.

The room should also have furniture that combines functionality with comfort. Aside from the mandatory desk and chair, we recommend adding bean bags, throw pillows, and side tables so that you can work anywhere in the room instead of just at your desk.

Other items that could add life to the room are an animal-print office chair in fun colors such as pink chairs with a zebra print. This theme is perfect for artists, designers, and architects.

The Best Places for a Home Workspace

Now that we have discussed some home office design themes, let’s take a look at some of the spaces inside your house that could be converted into a beautiful workspace.

Study Wall

A study wall is a great idea for small apartments. If you are short on space, you can still have your own home office by selecting a suitable wall as your workspace. It doesn’t have to be a big wall but it should at least be as wide as the length of your desk.

If you do not have space for a regular work desk you can install a wooden shelf to function as your desk. Or install an in-built drop-down desk into the wall that can be put up when not in use. You can also add some wooden shelves on the wall to store books and supplies or opt for a built-in storage space to utilize any extra wall space.

Office Nook

Office Nook: glam home office ideas

Converting a small nook or alcove into a glam office is actually quite easy. A nook is a small part that is separate from the rest of the room and offers some privacy. A nook can be created using a small dividing wall to separate the room into two spaces.

If your house has a nook, you can add a secretary desk with lots of drawers to the small space and that’s it – you have a ready workstation. Just add in a comfortable armchair and some shelves on the wall and you’re good to go.

Lastly, we recommend choosing a nook next to a large window for ample lighting so that you do not need to invest too much in extra lighting fixtures.

Office Loft

If your home has a loft then you can convert the whole space into a home office. Just imagine all the things you can include with a whole floor to yourself. Even a small loft space will have enough room for a whole shelf of books as well as a desk big enough for a desktop computer.

If you have a bigger loft you can also set up a chaise lounge along with a coffee table with space underneath to keep magazines.

You can brighten up the space even more with patterned rugs in vivid colors and statement pieces such as a small gold sculpture.

Attic Space

An attic is also a good alternative for a glam office if you don’t have an extra room or study. You can even make use of an attic with a sloping roof if it has a window big enough to let in a good amount of sunlight.

You can use the remaining wall space to set up a small desk and chair with a portable desk lamp for extra light. To save space, you can use a wall organizer with small racks to hold your stationery and a small shelf to keep your files.

Under the Stairs

Did you know that you can set up a cozy little home office under the stairs? Yes, you can utilize that extra space by putting in a small wooden slab to serve as your desk along with a foldable chair.

We also suggest painting the wall section in front of your desk in bright and happy colors to give the space warmth so that you’re not staring at a drab wall all day long.

If you have some more space you can install a couple of in-built utility drawers to store supplies and install a small but high-voltage light fixture for some much-needed light.

Furniture Must-Haves for a Home Office

Every home office must have a few essential items so we have put together a curated list of furniture must-haves so you can work comfortably all day long.

1. Sturdy Desk

Design Ideas Glam: Sturdy desk

Every home office needs a strong desk that is wide enough to hold a desktop or a laptop. Most sturdy work desks are made from high-quality wood but you can also get a steel-framed desk with a glass top if that fits better with your work requirements. If you don’t have space, try installing a single wooden shelf or drop-down desk instead of a regular one.

2. Under Desk Elliptical

An under-desk trainer is an absolute must-have for health-conscious workers. Sitting at a desk for extended periods of time can cause multiple health problems such as leg cramps, muscle strains, and obesity in the long run. With an under-desk elliptical, you can sit at your desk working and exercising your legs at the same time.

3. Ergonomic Office Chair

A comfortable desk chair is essential because sitting for long hours with a bad posture can give you serious back pain and joint stiffness. Investing in an ergonomic office chair is necessary to avoid these health problems. A good ergonomic chair will have an adjustable seat height with a separate headrest. It will also have a recline function which can be adjusted to your needs.

4. Shelves/Cabinets

Glam and unique home decor ideas: Shelves/cabinets

Any good office needs shelves and cabinets to store essential items. These cabinets can be built into the desk or the wall depending on your preference. If you have extra space you can add an entire chest of drawers on one side to store everything.

5. Foot Stool

A small footstool can be a handy item to add under your desk so that you can put your feet up occasionally as you work. This way you can work longer without getting too tired out. Make sure to get a footstool that matches the proportions of your chair so that the stool is high enough for your feet to reach it comfortably from the seat.

6. Sufficient Lighting

Strong lighting is key to a good home office. If you can’t get a space with lots of natural light then make sure to install high-voltage LED lamps to brighten up a dimly-lit room. You can also keep a desk lamp on your table for extra brightness so that you don’t strain your eyes.

7. Electrical Outlets

You will need at least one electrical outlet to plug in your desktop computer. We also recommend attaching a cable tray to the underside of your desk to safely hold all cable wires. This way you won’t have cables running across the floor that look untidy and can cause people to trip and fall.

8. Mini Fridge

This is an optional item, but if you plan on going all out for a glam office then splurging on a mini-fridge is not a bad idea. If you work long hours you are definitely going to feel hungry at some point. Instead of going over to the kitchen to hunt for something to eat you can store all your favorite snacks and beverages in your mini-fridge. That way you can munch on a tasty snack and work at the same time.

Glam Home Office Ideas: Bottom Line

We hope this article will help you decide on a good theme and location for your own glam home office. We also hope that you now have a good idea of the kind of furniture that you’ll need for your home office to stay focused and productive.

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