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Affiliate Disclaimer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This is an affiliate program which means we may earn a commission by advertising and linking to  Click here for more information.

You spend the majority of your day in your office, five days a week, so your office setting should give you comfort. You can help create a cozy home office by investing in the best office area rugs. 

Office area rugs beautify your office space and are a great way to keep your office insulated during cold weather. They can also help absorb the distracting noise of furniture against hardwood as you work. 

We have compiled a list of the top five best Space area rugs available. Whether you are looking to get one for the first time or want to replace an old one, you will find what you are looking for in this guide. 

The Top Five Best Office Area Rugs

Here are the five best office mats on the market right now. 

1. SALLOUS Chair Mat for Hard Floors

The SALLOUS chair mat is designed for use on hardwood floors. This rectangular chair mat is made with eco-friendly material to keep it odorless and nontoxic, and it’s thick enough to absorb noise from the chair scraping against hardwood. 

The mat uses an anti-slip technology, so it grips onto the floor well. However, it has no adhesive and comes off without any residue on your hardwood when removed. The rug comes in a 47×35 size and is made from plastic. 

This mat is best if you have a hardwood floor and need something that sticks firmly in place. Be sure to follow the directions and remove the PP film beneath the mat before use.

SALLOUS Office Chair Mat, Office Desk Chair Mat for Hardwood
Best office space rugs


  • There are three color options: light gray, dark gray, and dark brown. 
  • It is BPA-free and healthy for the environment. 
  • It comes with a six-month warranty. 
  • It’s a great buy if you have a pet that likes to chew, as it has no real edge. 


  • The mat is thin. 
  • It is only suitable for hard surfaces. 

2. FMVIOL Office Chair Mat for Hardwood & Tile Floor

The FMVIOL office chair mat is a 55×33 inch rectangular mat made from polyester. It has a 0.16 thickness. This hardwood floor mat is non-adhesive and is wide enough to accommodate any office chair size. In addition, it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals and is eco-friendly. 

The FMVIOL office chair mat is the best option if you are looking for a simple hardwood mat that’s easy to clean for your corner home office. 


  • It has a one-year warranty. 
  • You can easily cut it to go around a built-in desk. 
  • You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner or in a washing machine.
  • It’s a custom office rug 
  • It does not curl around the edges.


  • You may notice fuzz around the fabric after a while.
  • The 0.16 thickness feels thin to a lot of others. 

3. XFasten Office Chair Mat for Hardwood Floor

This rectangular office chair mat is made from vinyl, with a measurement of 56×36 inches. The XFasten mat is an anti-slide mat that doesn’t bunch up or buckle against the floor. In addition, the mat has dual machine weave stitching that allows it to stay well-stitched and unfrayed after multiple washes. 

The Xfasten office chair mat is the best if you want a mat that can serve many uses. You can place it under your chair, in the center of a room, or under indoor plants or decorations. 


  • It’s a multi-purpose rug. 
  • The material and color options absorb dirt well and are easy to clean. 
  • It comes with a gift wrap.
  • The polyester material is fade-proof. 


  • The material attracts lint easily.
  • You may notice some shedding over time.

4. AREIA Space Computer Chair Mat

Polyester is used to make this best office area mat. The AREIA mat is about 4mm thick and has a galaxy design in combined colors, which really makes a statement. The mat is a large octagonal shape of 47.2×48.2 inches, and it is made from natural rubbers and polyester. This mat also cancels noise and has a rubber foam base to prevent slipping. 

The AREIA space computer chair mat is a great choice if you want an eccentric cut or a statement piece for your office or gaming area. 


  • The design of this mat is very unique and will stand out in a room.
  • It has an anti-scratch material.
  • You can easily clean it with a damp cloth.
  • It is available in three color options.


  • The mat only works well on hardwood floors.
  • The chairs may start to leave dents in the mat after a few uses. 

5. Anidaroel Office Chair Mat for Hardwood and Tile Floor

This office chair mat is a rectangular 35×47 inches for hardwood floors, laminate, or ceramic tiles. The mag is made from polyester and comes in several elegant designs to make your office space stand out. 

The materials are 100% recyclable, and the surface texture is a soft fabric for easy movement of your office chair as you work. The mat can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and can be rolled up easily when you are not using it. It has a thickness of 9mm.

The Anidaroel office chair mat is the best office area rug to get if you want an elegant design that will blend with a bright home office theme.


  • It is folded when it comes in the package, so there’s no crease line. 
  • The material is soft, so you and your pet can also comfortably sit on it. 
  • The edges don’t curl up. 
  • The mat is very attractive and can work well as a center mat.
  • It offers several design options


  • The material is very thin.
  • It bulks up sometimes, which may prevent your chair from rolling around it as smoothly as it normally does. 
  • It’s a bit pricey for what it offers. 

How to Choose the Best Office Area Rugs

An office area rug has a way of uplifting and defining your home office space. However, there are various designs, shapes, and materials on the market, so it can get confusing to choose one. 

Choosing the best office space rugs requires a few considerations, which we will discuss them below. 

Rug Size

Size is a pretty important consideration when getting an office area rug. Some rugs are made specifically for chairs, while others can comfortably accommodate desk legs and a rolling chair. A chair mat should comfortably accommodate the size of your chair and give you enough space to move around in that area. An office area rug for both your desk and a chair should be able to do that while still accommodating your desk. 

Make sure you check the measurements on the mats to get the correct size for what you need. 

Rug Style 

Rugs are about defining your style, so it’s okay to put design aesthetics at the forefront. There are various rug designs and colors to choose from. If you have a commercial home office where you meet business contacts in person, you need to put much more thought into selecting a mat. Your office’s appearance makes an impression.

So, for example, if you are a functional person, the FMVIOL mat may be suitable as it is very simple and easy to clean. On the other hand, if you like an elegant look or floral pattern, the Anidaroel office mats will be a great fit. There are several other commercial office rugs for corporate offices you can choose from.

Rug Material

The material of your rug will affect how comfortable is for your feet. It also determines the most ideal cleaning methods and how long the office mat will last. 

More importantly, the material of a rug determines whether it will be able to bear the weight and constant movement of your chair, and in some cases, desk. If you factor in unusual traffic, you will find that the quality of the material is a very important factor. 

The best material for a high-traffic area is wool. Wool has a smart appearance, and it’s also soft and warm for insulation from the cold. Besides, if you have a pet that likes to wander into your space, it will make a great resting place. Wool can be expensive, though, so you can opt for polyester, vinyl, or soft fabric.

You should avoid artificial materials, silk, and bamboo silk. 

Rug Type 

Rugs are made with different techniques, and this may affect their durability and price. For example, machine-made rugs tend to wear faster, so if you are leaning in that direction, it’s usually best to avoid placing them in high-traffic areas. If you are not going to be meeting any customers in your office, and are trying to save money, they’re still worth a look. 

Hand-tufted rugs are usually made with handheld machines and last longer than machine-made rugs. Hand-knotted rugs are the most durable and most expensive — the technique used is superior, making it a great choice for heavy traffic areas. 

Best Brands 


SALLOUS is a brand on Amazon that sells office items. The brand mostly has office rugs and chair rugs, but it also sells yoga mat holders and desk organizers. 


FMVIOL is an Amazon-exclusive brand that sells office rugs in various designs and sizes. 


XFasten is a small adhesive product brand that started out in 2015. They offer a wide selection of office, DIY, home, and arts and crafts products. 


AREIA is a brand that sells office furniture and area rugs online. They have unique area rug designs for gamers, too. 


Anidaroel is a book and stationery brand. They also sell office rugs, embroidery kits, and notepads. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Here are some questions people often ask about office area rugs. 

How do I care for my rug? 

Some rugs for office rooms can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or rolled up for washing in a washing machine. However, wool rugs and some high-quality rugs may need a more careful process. 

A quality rug needs hand washing twice a year. You can hire professional rug cleaning services to help you. If you want to wash it yourself, be sure to use vegetable soap and water. 

If you want to clean a spot, try using club soda. 

What is a hand-tufted rug?

A hand-tufted rug is made with handheld tools. The handheld tool is usually used to punch each strand of yarn through an extended canvas. This creates a looped pile that can either be sheared or left intact. 

A hand-tufted area rug for the office is usually considerably cheaper than a hand-knotted rug, as the former is much faster to make. 

Why is my rug shedding? 

Wool rugs naturally shed during the first few months of use. You can help maintain its appearance by keeping the rug trimmed and brushing it regularly. 

Also, you should read the care instructions that come with your rug to see if there’s something that can help with the shedding. 

Different lower quality rugs also shed. So, if it’s not wool, but it continues to shed despite following the care instructions, the chances are that you invested in a lower-quality rug. 

Can I put my area rug on top of a carpet? 

Yeah, you can place some area rugs on wall-to-wall carpets. However, there are some rules to ensure that your area rug stays fit on the carpet and doesn’t move in place. First, you should see if the manufacturer specifically states that the rug or mat is for only hardwood floors. If this is the case, it’s best not to place it on the carpet. You can consider it as the best carpet for office space.

You can also try to vary the texture of the two surfaces. For example, if you have plush carpeting, you could put a Berber rug over it. But if you have a looped pile carpet, it might be best to go for a shag area rug. This ensures the room is well blended, which will uplift the overall look. 

Final Thoughts about best office area rugs

Office area rugs have become increasingly popular for their ability to protect the floor and perfect your space, and some brands are known for their high-quality chair mats at affordable prices. 

So, when choosing yours, consider size, material, and other factors. Most importantly, you should ensure it’s a mat you like and can manage. With proper maintenance, you will be sure to enjoy your office mat for a long time. 

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