Best Desk for Dual Monitors: Reviews and Complete Buying Guide

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Affiliate Disclaimer is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This is an affiliate program which means we may earn a commission by advertising and linking to  Click here for more information.

Dual monitor setups make life easier for gamers, web developers, and remote workers who process a lot of information on their computers. You can have a more detailed view of your screen and avoid mistakes with two or more monitors. 

However, to use dual monitors, you need an appropriate desk. This guide has reviewed five of the best desk for dual monitors. It will help you decide on the best option for you.

Want to See Everything at Once? Here are Our Top Picks:

Best Counter for Dual Monitors

1. Foxemart Computer Desk

Foxemart’s computer desk is a 47-inch sturdy desk that can hold two monitors and other accessories. The desk is made with simple, engineered wood with adjustable leg pads, steel brackets, and a triangular junction design. 

The design makes it easy to support heavy weights stably. Foxemart’s computer desk ticks many boxes for dual monitors, including versatility, high-quality materials, durability, and ease of assembly.

This dual monitor desk is simple and useful for someone who works from home. It is cheap and has the durability to last. What makes this desk appealing is the simple design which makes it easy to use and quick to assemble. 

The biggest downside is its 47-inch width, leaving little room for accessories after two monitors.


  • It is easy to assemble.
  • It is made of high-quality materials that fare well on uneven surfaces.
  • Its size makes it versatile for use in various places.
  • Ample legroom under the desk.
  • Great customer support team.
  • Good desk for dual monitors
  • It is a best size desk for 2 monitors


  • It is not large enough to hold many accessories.
  • There are occasional complaints about the screws not functioning properly.

2. ODK Computer Writing Desk

ODK Computer Writing Desk has some of the best user reviews over multiple platforms, and there are plenty of reasons for it. A first glance at the desk reveals a stylish design, no matter the color you choose. 

You’ll usually find color options including vintage, black, teal, walnut, espresso gray, deep brown, and various shades of white. They all make for a striking aesthetic with sizes varying from 31 to 63 inches.

ODX Computer Writing Desk is great if you work from home and are looking for an inexpensive desk. The surface is large enough to accommodate two monitors and the necessary accessories. There is also a very useful multifunction storage bag.

There are occasional complaints about scratches from shipping, but most are inconsequential.


  • It has a sleek design.
  • It is very affordable
  • It is easy to assemble with an accompanying manual.
  • There are various size options available.
  • The customer support team responds fast and offers timely replacements.


  • It is not very durable.

3. Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

This desk is one of the most versatile dual monitor desks you can buy. The design makes it easy to use in the office and at home. Its versatility comes in the ample space it provides and the three storage drawers found below. The classic Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk model has a chalked chestnut finish, but there are options for auburn cherry and estate black finishes.

The Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk is useful for a myriad of purposes. The desk has enough surface space to hold two monitors and their accessories. In addition, it has three drawers for storage. It has a modern design, and many use it as a bedroom desk or for studying.


  • It looks good in any color.
  • It’s a great value for the price.
  • It has a metal frame sturdy enough to hold a lot of items.
  • It makes for a great corner desk.


  • It is not easy to assemble.
  • The hinges on the drawers can be problematic.

4. Bestier L-Shaped Desk

The Bestier L-Shaped Desk is among the most highly rated gaming computer desks. The desk has everything you could look for in a dual monitor desk, from a great shape and ample legroom to its use of high-quality materials. 

It comes in minimalist colors like oak, brown, grey, and rustic brown. Its design is preferred by gamers who require large surface space and plenty of legroom. This desk can be positioned in a corner or the middle of a room and works well with different styles of chairs. Overall, it is one of the best desks for dual monitors.

The Bestier L Shaped Desk is the dream of every gamer, web developer, or work-from-home employee. The counter space easily accommodates two or more monitors and accessories. Two people could conceivably share the space without disturbing each other. This table has great reviews on every platform, and the few negatives are usually related to shipping.


  • It has plenty of space to work with.
  • It has a built-in power outlet to charge a phone or laptop easily.
  • It can be adjusted to take on either an I-shape or an L-shape to suit various tastes.
  • The material is sturdy and very stable.
  • It comes with a 12-month guarantee, an installation manual, and labeled accessories.
  • Two people can use it without disturbing each other.
  • Best computer desk for dual monitors


  • Setting it up as a straight counter is difficult.
  • The textured surface can crack if not properly handled

5. OUTFINE Desk Computer Desk

OUTFINE’s desk is excellent for remote work and studying. Its surface is large but is even more optimized with the accompanying monitor stands. You can place your monitors on the stands and save the true surface of the counter for accessories like your keyboard and mouse. 

It also features a small storage drawer and three open shelves where you can keep books, speakers, and other items. The material is high-quality wood with either a brown or black finish 

OUTFINE’s desk is a minimalist’s idea of work-from-home bliss. The monitor stands and the space optimization they allow are some of the reasons many people love this desk. 

The extra space provided by the drawer and shelves is the icing on the cake. Despite the shelves, there is still enough legroom that even taller users will be comfortable.


  • The monitor stand makes for better space optimization.
  • It is made of quality material that gives it durability and stability.
  • It is one of the best in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.
  • It has size options between 47 and 55 inches
  • The manual gives clear directions that make assembly fast and easy.
  • Leading table for dual monitors


  • The drawer is not always easy to pull out.

Things to Know Before You Buy Best Counter for Dual Monitors

Before buying a dual monitor, you should be sure that you have done good research. When shopping for the best table for multiple monitors, you will see many options and have to decide what best suits your needs. This means that you have to consider various external and internal factors such as available space, the size of the desk, and the implications on your health. Here are some things to consider before buying the best desk for a dual laptop setup:


One of the first things you should think about is the size of the counter you want to buy. Dual desks usually come within the 47 to 95-inch range. There are several options in-between. You have to consider the space you want to put the table in before deciding on the size. 

If you have limited space, you could buy a sturdy 47-inch desk that can hold a lot of items. If you have more room to play with, you can look at bigger, more comfortable options.

You must remember that bigger desks tend to be costlier than smaller ones. If you have a minimal budget, you may settle for a smaller counter than you prefer. There are other reasons a table might be pricey, but the size is a primary factor.


Desks come in different styles and designs. They all have different sizes, colors, aesthetics, features, and so on. For many people, the decision mainly hinges on shape and functionality. For instance, you’ll have to choose between I or L-shaped desks. Both styles work fine for dual monitors, but some prefer one over the other.

I-shaped desks are great if you have a simple chair and don’t like to move around much while working. For more mobility, some people go for L-shaped desks. These types are mostly gamers who use ergonomic chairs and like to swivel around as they tend to a chatroom while streaming games.

Another major style decision is between standing and sitting desks. Sitting desks are common and are the first choice for many people who use dual monitors. However, some prefer standing desks for long work hours. As a compromise, you may go for a desk with built-in height adjustment. This will give you the option to either sit or stand.


Many people don’t think about the quality of material when shopping for a desk. Often, you have many options to choose from, and they are all good. The most common materials are wood, metal, and plastic. Any will work fine if you do not have a particular preference. If you do, however, it pays to check on the material before making any payments.

Vendors on reputable platforms will indicate the materials used in the desk’s construction. Check reviews for issues with stability, since you don’t want to buy a desk that will collapse under the weight of your monitors. You may also want to consider the sturdiness of a wooden or plastic desk if you plan on putting a lot on it.


Most desks are sold in parts with an assembly manual. Since you will have to assemble the parts yourself, you should look into the ease of assembly before buying a counter. All manufacturers will tell you that their products are easy to assemble, but this is not always so. Check the reviews to see if their claims are true.

When assembling a new table, you will see that some only require you to stick the legs to a flat surface, and that’s it. Meanwhile, others will require you to hammer in all the nails yourself. This is where DIY skills can come in handy. If you are not good at these sorts of tasks, you can hire a professional to come and build it for you. This will cost extra, but it is money well spent.

Cable Management

Using dual monitors means connecting both to other accessories such as a keyboard tray, mouse, and more. All of these connections require extra cables unless you have a wireless setup. If you do not, opt for a desk with good cable management. Your dual monitor desk should have holes for cables to be fed through. 

To prevent tangling or damage, you can use these gaps to gather connectivity cables, cords, or other wires. A desk with good cable management will keep your workspace tidy and improve productivity.

Other Things to Note

Aside from the major considerations listed above, there are a few minor details to consider before purchasing a dual-monitor computer table. These include legroom, additional storage, monitor stands, presets, and other features that can affect how much you’ll enjoy your counter.

You can also invest in accessories like anti-fatigue mats, plants, speakers, and an ergonomic mouse to help boost productivity. Finally, you should consider the best arrangement for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions about best desk for dual monitors

What size desk do I need for two monitors?

The smallest dual monitor desks are usually about 47 inches wide. However, for utmost comfort, you may opt for a width of 55 inches. This size will let you situate your two monitors comfortably, add some accessories, or just enjoy the free space. 

If you want more room for books, pens, and other objects on your workspace, you should go for 60 inches and above. The most important thing for a multi-monitor setup is to be sure that your table is sturdy enough to carry the load without collapsing.

How do I arrange dual monitors on my desk?

The purpose of using dual monitors is to make your work easier. You should arrange dual monitors on your table to give you optimal support for your work and health

It is best to arrange the monitors in a semicircle to have the best view of both at the same time. You can tweak this arrangement slightly if you use one monitor more than the other.

What type of counter is best for dual monitors?

When purchasing a desk for dual monitors, you will find many different options. Common types include regular desks, L-shaped desks, standing desks, adjustable standing desks, etc. These desks work well if you know how to optimize their use. However, many gamers, web developers, and remote workers have confessed their preference for L-shaped desks.

L-shaped desks are very comfortable and allow for a wide range of motion. They can be situated in corners or in the middle of a room. At workplaces, L-shaped desks can, at times, serve more than one user. 

Best Desk for Dual Monitors

Foxemart Computer Desk 47 Inch

The Foxemart computer desk is a 47-inch simple dual monitor counter you can use at home or in your office. The simple design makes it easy to focus on your work without distraction. What makes this one of the best desks for dual monitors is its sturdiness. The table can capably hold two monitors and heavier pieces like lamps.

ODX Computer Writing Desk 47 inch

This computer table combines aesthetics with functionality. The ODX Computer Writing Desk has a simple design that allows you ample surface space, a storage bag, and tons of legroom. Its style also makes it appropriate at home as well as in the office. Capping it all off is the ease of assembly, negating the need for a professional to help set it up.

Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk

A Sauder Edge Water Computer Desk is a strong option for home use. The three storage drawers have contributed to many buyers selecting this table. They’ll help you keep your things organized and they look great in office setups.

Bestier L Shaped Desk 95.2 Inch

Bestier’s L Shaped Desk is one of the most popular desks for dual monitors. The desk has everything you’re looking for. The first feature is the large surface space that can comfortably hold two or three monitors and all that that entails. The design also makes it possible to turn the L-Shaped gaming desk into a long I-shaped desk for two or more people to sit side-by-side. Additional features like USB sockets and cable holes are just cherries on top.

Outfine Counter

An Outfine desk is great for freeing up space for items other than your monitors. The distinct feature of this table is the monitor stand. In addition, there is a small drawer for storage and three open shelves for things like books, files, and other office supplies. Many people go for this counter in response to its clever design, boasting a sharp appearance and plenty of storage options.

Final Thoughts

Using dual monitors enhances your ability to process information and complete tasks. You can make it even easier if you invest in a good desk to house your monitors well. We have reviewed five of the best desks for dual monitors for you, from the Foxemart 47-inch computer desk to Bestier’s 95.2-inch L-shaped desk. 

Of course, there are more options on the market, but these five excel in unique ways that have made them bestsellers. You can get any of them at a reasonable price. Once you’re all set up, follow expert advice and position the monitors well away from your eyes.

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