Everything You Need to Know About a Corner Desk Dual Monitor Setup


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WinningWorkspace.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. This is an affiliate program which means we may earn a commission by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.  Click here for more information.

Let’s be honest! Many of us are enjoying the recent development in work culture i.e. doing our jobs from the comfort of our homes. And why shouldn’t we? However, many are struggling to find the perfect spare corner for working. A home office setup takes away from us the ideal office space and working environment we get to experience at our workplace. 

That doesn’t mean we cannot make an ideal workspace at home adhering to our needs. In this article, we’ll learn how a corner desk dual monitor setup makes your remote work life easier and more productive. We will also be reviewing some of the best dual-monitor corner standing desks and popular multiple-monitor setups.

How is it Beneficial to Use a Corner Desk Dual Monitor Setup for Home Offices?

Corner Desk Dual Monitor

We’ll start with learning the benefits of using a dual monitor computer desk followed by how the corner home office space setup makes it even more appealing for a working individual. 

A multi-monitor computer desk provides you with a comfortable and luxurious working experience that boosts your energy and productivity. It comes with great workplace ergonomics, provides you with a broader look into your assignments, saves your valuable time, and simplifies the execution of tasks.

What makes multiple-monitor setups even more feasible is when you join them with an L-shaped standing desk that can be placed in any corner of your house.

L-shaped desks occupy less space and offer you plenty of room for working through your documents and desk accessories. Also, they make it easier for you to reach your workplace equipment without moving too much. So they are undeniably an excellent option to couple with a multi-monitor setup.

The Best Corner Desk Dual Monitor Setup Ideas

We have prepared a list of 11 dual-monitor L-shaped desk ideas for you to assist in your multi-monitor setup. You can select your favorite ideas and build your own corner gaming desk with two monitors. Ready to learn? Let’s get straight to Corner Desk Dual Monitor 2023!

1. Find an Adjustable Desk 

If you’ve been looking for corner desks that support two or more computers, you should invest in an adjustable desk. This ergonomic idea allows you to work at your perfect height and perform better. Alternatively, if you are unable to set up your desk according to your height, it may require you to work in a bad posture and impact your work performance negatively.

2. Use a Comfortable Chair

This is the most important thing that you should keep in mind when working in a dual monitor setup. It not only boosts your productivity but also takes care of your health and posture.

If you are not working in the right posture, it may expose you to serious health issues such as body strains, chronic pain, stiffness, and more. So never compromise on ergonomics while working and always ensure that you maintain a good posture. As they say, health is wealth!

3. Buy a Top-Quality Keyboard and Mouse

If you are into fields like coding or programming, do yourself a favor and buy a high-quality keyboard and mouse. You might find it hard to believe but it makes a huge difference and can make your life pretty much easier. The better the typing pad of the keyboard and the clicking of the mouse, the more comfortable you’ll feel and wish to work.

4. Bring Anti-Fatigue Mats

These are ergonomic products that reduce the strain caused by a standing desk on your legs and back. So rest assured, you can work for longer hours without experiencing any muscle pain or discomfort.

5. Invest in a Standing Desk

A standing desk coupled with dual monitors is one of the best ways to uplift your productivity. It’s a life savior for those who work for long hours as it saves them from muscle injuries and reduces neck pressure by offering you the right working angle.

6. Give Yourself Space

We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to be health-conscious even when you are working. When you are working in a multi-monitor setup, spread out the monitors to make room for yourself and work comfortably. You might not realize in the beginning how your work conditions and equipment affect your health but you will at the end of the day.

7. Balance Your Monitors

Using two computers can make it hard for you to focus on the work you are doing if they aren’t balanced. Make sure that you have symmetrical monitors for a sharp focus and easy shifting through one another.

8. Let in Natural Lighting

There is nothing as refreshing and soothing as natural lighting. You can also try to add artificial lights such as LED desk lamps or table lamps in your corner desk setup for multiple monitors. We still recommend that you don’t block natural lighting and integrate large glass windows in your home office to make it as effective as possible.

9. Introduce Plant Life

If your dual monitor home office setup feels exhausting to you, add some plants to enjoy a clean, healthy, and fresh working environment. These plants serve your physical, mental, and emotional growth and make you feel calm and relaxed which is reflected in the quality of your work as your productivity increases.

10. Worship Minimalism

Minimalist office setups are very trendy these days as our generation is obsessed with keeping everything aesthetic. This approach makes your workspace look neat and organized and gives a nice impression to the people passing by.

You can follow minimalism by hiding all the unnecessary accessories, wires, and other visual distractions from your workspace. Only the equipment that is crucial for your job should be kept accessible and clearly visible.

11. Customize Your Workspace

There is no hard and fast rule for you to set up your home office. Feel free to personalize your workspace as per your taste and preferences to make it well-resourced. We bet this will significantly improve your efficiency. Try and see the results for yourself!

Multi-Monitor Computer Desk Buying Guide

Here are our picks for dual monitor office setups in the corner of your house:

  • C-leg design
  • Built-in cable management 
  • Four sizes
  • Six color options

The Bush Business Computer Desk is a good quality pick for two or more monitors. It involves a robust construction and comes with an integrated cable management channel that offers you a clean and clutter-free workstation.

This wooden multi-monitor setup desk is available in four size variants with measurements of up to 72 inches in size horizontally. Also, there are about six color options for you to choose from.

  • Wooden standard desk
  • 1.2mm thick metal frame
  • BIFMA-certified
  • Seven sizes and colors

The Need Corner Gaming Computer Desk has an attractive design coupled with great functionality at an affordable price. Thanks to the thick metal frame, it has excellent stability on uneven surfaces.

This computer desk is available in three size variants of 47, 55, and 63 inches wide. The larger size variant has extra space that makes it ideal for dual computers. Plus, you also have a choice of colors to use for your office space.

  • 4 Power Outlets & 2 USB Charging Ports
  • Reversible Design
  • Large Storage Space
  • Exquisite and Stylish Sturdy and Solid Construction
  • Sturdy and Solid Construction

The perfect addition to your home office or gaming setup – Unikito L Shaped Computer Desk! This innovative design features a reversible L-shaped corner desk with storage shelves, an integrated USB charging port, and a power outlet, plus an industrial 2-person long gaming table. Everything you need for modern home office comfort and practicality is in one place. With its sleek lines and contemporary style, this desk adds sophistication while still being built to last

  • L-shaped 
  • Steel-made frame
  • CPU stand
  • 18 months guarantee

This multi-monitor corner gaming desk has a high-class style. Due to its particleboard and metal construction, this is one of the most durable L-shaped gaming desks with ample stability.

The corner design of the desk provides extra space that makes it easier for you to hide the pesky cords and insert them into cable management slots. There are nine beautiful colors so you can pick the one that goes best with your interior.

  • Textured surface
  • 60 inches in size
  • Led lighting 
  • Weight capacity of 500lbs

The Eureka Ergonomic Computer Gaming Desk is a great option for desktop spaces with multiple monitors. It has lots of space that can cater to not only two computers but also other hardware such as speakers. 

Additionally, you get cable management accessories (two grommet holes) to keep the workstation clean and organized. Not to forget, this aesthetic desk has Z-shaped legs which is a hot feature of modern designs.

Final Words

Corner desks are an excellent option to utilize the tiny, dead, and awkward corner spaces in your home. All our tips about corner standing desk and dual monitor L-shaped desk ideas tell you how to make your work life more productive without compromising your health and physique. We hope this article was helpful to you while deciding how to make the most of your corner desk dual monitor setup.

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